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Cool & Creamy

Hucklebeary Ice Cream $1.99/scoop
Takes a Bear straight to Paradise! Delicious
hucklebearies blended to perfection.

Banana Beary Split $5.99
It’s a classic but we use chocolate, Hucklebeary and Vanilla
Ice Cream! Top it with Hershey’s chocolate syrup, caramel and strawberry
sauce, whip cream, bananas and cherries. Delicious!

Milkshakes & Malts $4.49
Hand dipped ice cream and an extra tin on the side.
Choose your favorite shake flavor:

Strawbeary, Chocolate, Vanilla or
Cookies & Cream
Or enjoy a classic Chocolate Malt

Sundaes and Scoops
Strawbeary or Blackbeary Sundae…..$4.29
Scoops of Hucklebeary, Chocolate, or Vanilla….. $1.99

Rich & Dreamy

Mt. Shasta Lava Cake
Our homemade chocolate cake
has a gooey chocolate lava
center, served hot and topped
with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
and chocolate drizzle. Perfect for
chocolate lovers!

Grandma’s Famous Cobbler
Old-fashioned Blackbeary, Apple
or Peach Cobbler. Our Peach
Cobbler has no sugar added
and is made with Splenda
No Calorie Sweetener!
Regular: $4.99
Al la Mode: $5.99

Homemade Bread Pudding
Our own Olga’s secret recipe
topped with a scrumptious
pecan praline sauce. Big enough
to share, but you don’t have to!
Regular: $4.99
A la Mode: $5.99

Decadent Cream Pies
Chocolate, Banana, Coconut.
All covered with mounds of
whipped cream.