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Animal Welfare


Cage-Free Eggs

Black Bear Diner has made great strides toward the goal of serving cage free eggs. As of 2021 approximately 50% of our footprint is serving cage free eggs and this will increase to 65% by the end of 2024.

Broiler Chicken Welfare

Black Bear Diner is committed to working with our suppliers and others in the food industry on broiler chicken welfare to, by 2024, align with broiler chicken welfare standards established by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP). We’ll align ourselves with suppliers that meet GAP’s standards including approved breeds and environmental standards (lighting, litter, and enrichments); that stocking density is no greater than 6 lbs./sq. foot and broiler cages are not used; and that it’s processed in a manner that avoids live-dumping and live-shackling of birds and instead utilizes a pre-shackle multi-step controlled atmosphere processing system that’s widely hailed as more humane. We’ll demonstrate compliance with the above standards via third party auditing.