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The coffee we serve is single origin, 100% Nicaraguan. And while we’re proud to serve one of the finest cups of coffee you’ll ever enjoy, we’re even more proud to be giving back to the people who grow these great beans.

Bears Brew Back is a philanthropic partnership with Java City Coffee Roasters and is an ongoing, long-term commitment to improve the lives of the people of Nicaragua. For Bears Brew Back, we work with the Global Aldea Foundation, the non-profit arm of the Global Aldea Coffee Cooperative, to identify humanitarian projects in Nicaraguan communities.

Our first project is a well pump improvement and piping project. This system will allow for more accessible water and bring running water to the homes in Mancotal, a community where many of our beans are grown. Additionally, Bears Brew Back is funding a medical care van to visit this relatively remote village where routine medical care is not available, as well as providing backpacks and school supplies to the children.

Our Projects

Backpack Project


Through generous donations from our franchise community, we were able to send 2,000 backpacks and fill them with essential school supplies for the area’s school children

Well Project

water bucket

We’re proud to help families in Mancotal, Nicaragua get fresh water to their homes through a new well and piping system.

New Projects

We’re excited to announce three new projects have been identified for funding through our Bears Brew Back program.

School Lunchroom – La Virgen Community, Jinotega

Currently the community has two 8’ x 8’ rooms for 94 students to accommodate pre-school thru sixth grade classes. Children have to eat meals outside (in rain and sun) and in unsanitary conditions as animals roam the area. Black Bear Diner is funding the construction of a lunchroom so meals can be eaten out of the elements and in a sanitary environment.

Clean Water to Community Homes Pantasma Community, Jinotega

Black Bear Diner is building water storage, installing water treatment, and installing piping and metering to 30 homes and families in the Pantasma Nicaragua community.

Filtration for Clean Water For Schools/ Students, Communities Surrounding La Virgen, Jinotega

The inhabitants of these communities focus on the consumption of water in homes. Unfortunately the water systems and filtration in schools expose children to unclean water, which in turn causes intestinal diseases. Black Bear Diner will fund a pilot program to bring filtration and clean water to area schools.

Our Partners

Global Aldea Cooperative


Founded in 1992, Global Aldea is a farming cooperative that brings together over 3,000 northern Nicaraguan coffee farmers, 40% of whom are women.


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Our story started in 1985 when we began hand roasting the world’s finest coffees in an old brick building in downtown Sacramento. If you’ve noticed our coffees are smoother tasting than most, it’s not by accident. Our beans are carefully roasted using authentic Italian bricklined roasters that provide radiant heat, allowing a slower, longer roast. We know our way takes more time, but we wouldn’t dare change a thing.  Read More

How You Can Help



Purchase some of our single origin, 100% Nicaraguan coffee and all profits from the sale of the coffee goes to fund our Bears Brew Back initiatives. Click below to order a bag (or bags) from the Java City Coffee Roasters online retail store.

bag of coffee

Information and Updates

Backpack Project Update

May 2019

During our Annual Managers’ Conference we stuff another 1,000 backpacks with essential school supplies, brining our total sent to Nicaragua to 2,000. Thank you to all our managers from 130 diners who helped in this amazing project.

Did You Know?

Small Nicaraguan coffee farmers grow our Black Bear Diner blend with our delicious single origin 100% Nicaraguan coffee. Check out the Coffee Production video.

Nicaragua Fact

Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America and the second poorest in the Western Hemisphere, behind only Haiti. 42.5% of Nicaraguans live below the poverty line, surviving on less than $1 per day. 75.8% of the population lives on less than $2 per day.

Mancotal Well & Piping Project Update

April 2019

We’re getting very close to completing this first project in the coffee growing community of Mancotal. The well, pump house, and all piping to 40 homes and a community school is complete. As soon as the state upgrades the electrical to the pump, the project will be fully operational.



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