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Schafer said there are really four areas that can make the family casual dining experience not just tolerable, but something that both kids and parents enjoy.

Today’s parents more and more consider their kids partners; a server who engages with the kids shows that even the youngest guests are valued, which makes mom or dad happy as well.”

She said the brand wants to cater to kids without beingOne of those places that parents hate but kids love.”

I’d say parents do want to have a kid option on the menu. But sure there are those kids that won’t ever eat anything but chicken fingers or a grilled cheese, and every restaurant should have some variation of that,” said Schafer.

It’s got to be priced well. Kids don’t eat much, so parents will get pissed off if they spend $26 on a kid’s meal,” said Schafer.

The value piece has a lot of casual franchises offering free dining for kids.

Another Broken Egg Café offers kids free meals, but with some smart marketing to boot.